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purpose for every dollar

A Purpose and Expiration for Every Dollar

Every dollar that comes into the household should have a purpose and an expiration date. This may sound controversial however, it serves multiple functions.
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free money | company matching contributions

Are You Giving Up Free Money?

It’s bonus time! Are you accidentally giving up free money? Every year, we come across people who have accidentally forgone the company match on their 401k, essentially free money, due
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income planning for retirement

Income Planning for Retirement

Sometimes, in the process of retirement planning, we talk about income planning. When planning for retirement, income planning can make a significant difference in the income you retain, the taxes
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income planning

Why We Do Income Planning

Sometimes, in financial planning, we talk about income planning. For some people, there are few opportunities for income planning based on their income types. But for people with the flexibility,
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considering should i defer my compensation

Should I Defer My Compensation?

As a corporate executive, you may be offered the opportunity to participate in your firm’s deferred compensation plan. Let's discuss non-qualified deferred compensation plans and the potential benefits and drawbacks
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considering expenses and tax deductions

Expenses and Tax Deductions – Forms to Gather

Continuing our conversation of what tax forms to expect, let’s discuss expenses and tax deductions. Here are some documents you should begin gathering to support the most common tax deductions
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