What Your Net Worth Does – And Doesn’t – Say About You

Your financial net worth is the sum of all of your assets, less the sum of all of your liabilities. Essentially, this number is the result of building your personal balance sheet. But does a higher net worth mean you’re more likely to meet your financial goals? Let’s consider what your net worth does – and doesn’t – say about you.

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Are You Giving Up Free Money?

free money | company matching contributions

It’s bonus time! Are you accidentally giving up free money?

Every year, we come across people who have accidentally forgone the company match on their 401k, essentially free money, due to their contribution elections. Could you be one of these people? And if so, how do you avoid this mistake in the future?

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Income Planning for Retirement

income planning for retirement

Sometimes, in the process of retirement planning, we talk about income planning. When planning for retirement, income planning can make a significant difference in the income you retain, the taxes you pay, and the cost of benefits like Medicare.

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