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Financial Planning for people who believe in lifelong learning and adventure

I want to help you balance today’s adventures with tomorrow’s opportunities.

How do you expose your children and yourself to great educational opportunities like travel, adventures and experimentation while also working, saving for college and ensuring a quality of life beyond your working years?​​​

We work together to discover your goals and values – what is truly important to you. Then, much like dividing a pie into pieces, we assign purposes for your income based on the values and goals that we have discovered. Over time, we also devise a strategy to grow the pie, ultimately striving to make more of your income from investments rather than wages, giving you more time to pursue your passions.

We’ll begin the Infinity Financial Roadmap process by identifying the opportunities that you want to pursue and perhaps, through our discussions, discover new dreams.  Working together, we will develop common financial goals so that everyone is on the same page.  With an understanding of your goals, we will use the Infinity Financial Roadmap to devise a plan to work towards being able to take that trip, or take many trips – to pay for college for your children or yourself, or to buy that vacation home.  Your plan is flexible so that when the time comes, you should feel that you CAN buy the vacation home IF you CHOOSE to. We build your plan to allow you to have options.

Having your roadmap will help give you peace of mind that your financial resources are working for you and will simplify financial decisions. ​​​

About Kelly

As a lifelong learner, you’re always growing and planning for your next phase of life’s adventure…  New ideas, new people, new careers and new places.  As your financial advisor, I will help you navigate the college application and education funding process, create and stick to a plan that allows you to buy your second home, investment or retirement property, take the 6-month sabbatical and travel the globe, navigate a career change and go back to school… I’m with you, I’m excited for you and I believe that education, a passion for lifelong learning – both formal and informal – opens countless opportunities.