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Wealth creation is the process of investing in different asset classes where the investments will help in fulfilling key needs.

I help individuals and families who have a love of learning and live an abundant lifestyle while pursuing their personal growth and education goals.

You believe that education, both formal and informal, offers countless opportunities.  Exposure to new places, people and ideas helps you continue to grow regardless of your age or situation in life.

You know it can be difficult to save and plan to use your resources effectively to live an abundant life while ensuring that you can take advantage of future opportunities like a college education or starting a new career.

I work with families who value education and personal growth.  Together, we discover personal values and goals and design a financial plan reflective of the lifestyle based on our discoveries.  We will craft a plan to allow for the lifelong learning and adventure that works for each phase of your life from raising a family and introducing the world to your children and grandchildren through saving for college or enrolling in art or culinary school, to your own personal growth and development as you grow through career phases and to a time when financial freedom can make wage-earning work optional.

We treat each new step – going to college, graduating from college, starting a career, starting a family, starting a business, changing careers, becoming an empty nester, becoming financially independent, etc. – as another step on the journey rather than the destination.​

I’m Kelly, Financial Advisor and founder of Infinity Financial Strategies.  I’m a fee-only Certified Financial Planner Professional based in Connecticut working with clients virtually all over the country.

I have worked in the financial industry for more than 20 years.  Initially, as a systems developer for various companies I was able to satisfy my need to solve puzzles and design elegant solutions for business needs.  Over time, my interest shifted to designing solutions for personal needs and I became fascinated with the interaction of psychology and money.  In 2017, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to start Infinity Financial Strategies and focus on designing financial strategies to help individuals, couples and families get maximum enjoyment out of life now balanced with the confidence that they will be able to enhance the future opportunities and quality of life for their children, their spouses and often times, their parents.

I love traveling and meeting new people, seeing new sights and encountering new ideas.  I love how seeing and experiencing new places and their history and talking with people from different backgrounds can change your perspective.  And now that my children are grown, I plan to travel even more.  But, I regret not traveling more with my children when they were younger.  There was always the concern about either my husband or myself taking too much time away from work or the kids missing school or sports events.  By the time I realized that the travel experiences were so beneficial for all of us, we only had a few years before the kids were off to college.

Now I help people take advantage of opportunities to travel, to go on adventures, to start up a business with their own ideas or to embark on completely new careers.

I believe in lifelong learning and always moving forward.  I believe in moving TO something new rather than FROM something old.  Because really – if you don’t know what you’re moving to, how do you know which way to go when you’re leaving something old?


I am a fee-only fiduciary. I am bound to act in your best interest. I do not receive commissions or income from financial institutions or any third party.​

What that means for you is that if I recommend life insurance, for instance, you can rest assured that it is because in my professional opinion, I believe that you need that life insurance to reach your financial goals.  I do not sell life insurance or any other financial products.  However, I will help you evaluate your options.  I have no financial incentive to recommend any products other than to provide you value in the financial planning process and earn the fees paid by my clients.

Are you questioning whether you can afford private elementary school or high school and still provide the college education you envision?​​

learn how we can help you plan for these education opportunities