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Imagine knowing that your funds are aligned with your values, and that you are growing your wealth and your opportunities with intention.

That’s the benefit of our Infinity Financial Roadmap.

We focus on topics that will grow your wealth


Allocating your income to your current lifestyle and your plans for the future based on the values and goals that we discover together.


Whether you are considering private elementary school, high school or college education, we will design an appropriate plan for funding this phase of education while keeping options open for the future.


Devising an investment strategy including timing and allocations that puts you on the path of building the lifestyle you desire.


Crafting an annual plan to minimize the tax burden now and in the future leaving you as much as possible to dedicate towards your lifestyle goals.


Protecting what you have worked for and providing for those you care about.


Ensuring that the legacy that you desire to leave is planned and provided for.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

is a long-term relationship during which we discover and clarify your values and goals and define the financial needs associated with those values and goals.

We will devise a roadmap to build the financial foundation that will act as the base for the financial future that you envision for yourself and your family.  We will work together to implement your roadmap and will continue monitoring your progress and making adjustments as necessary to keep you on track towards your goals.

Topics of your plan will include:

Service Fees

Initial $1000 fee to begin the process

Ongoing fees are $500* per month.

*The monthly fee will increase at a rate of 3% on each anniversary of our engagement.

Project Planning

is appropriate for folks who are contemplating a big change or decision with financial impact in the near future.

Some examples might be a career change, going back to school, starting a business, relocating or pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle.

The Project Plan involves providing advice about your current situation and your proposed situation at a point in time and is suitable for people who prefer to implement the recommendations themselves.

Your Project Plan may include some or all of the following areas:

Service Fees

Initial fees start at $2500

•Fees for Project Planning start at $2500 and depend on complexity and time horizon. 

Investment Management Services

are available to our clients so that they can focus on other areas of their lives.

Investing with Infinity Financial Strategies gives you:

Service Fees

Initial fees starts at 1%

Fees for investment management start at 1% and decrease in a tiered fee schedule as your managed assets increase.

I believe that it is critical to have a roadmap and a goal for your investments to build an appropriate strategy.

 If you don’t know what role your investment portfolio needs to play in achieving your goals and dreams, how do you know what investing strategies to use?  Therefore, I only manage funds for clients who have a financial plan.

Using passive investment strategies, we will allocate your funds in each of your investment accounts, including your retirement plans, to efficiently and effectively put your investment dollars to work.  We periodically rebalance your portfolio to maintain your target portfolio allocation within a reasonable range.  We re-evaluate the funds that we use in our model allocations on a regular basis with regard to their fees, performance and their suitability for their specific purpose in your portfolio. In addition, since we are managing your funds with specific future goals in mind, we may employ strategies including tax loss and tax gain harvesting and investment location strategies in addition to investment selection.


We will meet (virtually) and discuss your values and goals and begin to envision your ideal lifestyle.

This is a critical step in our process so it’s ok if it takes more than one meeting.  This process involves a lot of self-reflection and discovery and I will ask a wide variety of questions to get at what ultimately makes up your ideal lifestyle.

At the same time, we will be working on organizing your financial life so that we all have a clear picture of your current financial situation.  You will have your own personal financial portal where you will be able to see your entire financial picture in one place. 

These first steps will take two or three meetings over approximately six weeks.

Next, we begin to design strategies for each area of your financial life that all fit together to help you pursue your goals.

If there are immediate needs, we will address those first.  Otherwise, we will prioritize the steps prescribed in your plan based on the timeline for your goals or any outside constraints like tax filings, large purchases or sales or travel or recommended year-end moves.  Then we will work together to build a financial plan that makes you excited to move forward in your financial life. You’ll have clearly defined goals with a roadmap to follow on your journey.  And, we will measure your progress regularly.

We will build these strategies with our monthly virtual meetings.  Over time, we will monitor not only your plan, but your values and goals.  As a lifelong learner, you will continue to grow, develop and change over time and your values and goals may shift.  Since we will meet regularly, we can make adjustments as needed to keep you moving towards your goals.

What do you do with your plan?

We will help you implement your plan.  As we identify your short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities and then we can determine the resulting action items.  We will provide you with a list of tasks and can assist where necessary. And we’ll make any introductions to other professionals when and where it is appropriate.

Wondering how to live a life you love now – learning about the world and building memories – while saving for future education expenses?

Let’s talk about how we can help you do exactly that!